A Generation Apart

Whereas most people barely bat an eyelid when a middle-aged man becomes romantically involved with a girl more than thirty years his junior, a middle-aged woman who takes on a youth that much younger than her is accused of having a ‘toy boy’.

Wendy Forsyth finds herself in that exact predicament when she finds herself seriously attracted to a neighbour’s son while giving him extra maths lessons.

The story describes her fears, worries and emotions in detail as she battles with her unusual conundrum.

You’ll likely experience a mixture of reactions as you follow what transpires – at times sympathy with her plight but, at others, criticism of her actions. But, whatever your response, you’ll find it a fascinating read.

Dave Baker has to date published three novels in English – If I Retreat, Shoot Me, The Tame Khaki and The Khaki Boer. The first two have been translated into Afrikaans and can be viewed on his website at www.davebakerbooks.co.za. He plans to publish a fourth novel, A Generation Apart, in May 2021.