dave-photoDave Baker’s background and psyche are rooted in South Africa’s rainbow of cultures. Born and raised in the capital of the then Transkeian Territories, Mthatha, less than forty kilometers from the birthplace of Nelson Mandela, he was raised as an English boy but, during many years of his business career, was closely associated with many Afrikaans-speaking colleagues and friends.

His father, Frank, was placed in a Quaker orphanage in Bristol at age ten but served as a fighter pilot in the Royal Flying Corps during World War I before graduating with a science degree and fighting in North Africa with the South African Artillery in World War II. He and Dave’s mother, a graduate from the Incorporated London Academy of Music, immigrated to South Africa in 1925, where his father was a math and science master and headmaster for over thirty years.

Following abortive attempts to become a geologist or lawyer, caused partly by his keen interest in sporting and social activities, Dave entered the financial services industry. Qualifying as an associate of the Insurance Institute of South Africa and fellow of the Institute of Risk Management, he found fulfillment as a manager of an insurance company and director of two international insurance broking companies. During that time, his extramural interests included serving as the chairman of a round table and president of a rotary club.

Dave has published three novels to date, viz. If I Retreat, Shoot Me, The Tame Khaki and The Khaki Boer. The first earned him the SA Writers’ Circle Quo Vadis award for The Self Published Writer of the Year in 2015.

The first two novels have been translated into Afrikaans, and are available under the titles As Ek Omdraai, Skiet My, en Die Mak Kakie.

Dave’s fourth novel, A Generation Apart, will be published in early April 2021.

All of Dave’s published books are available at the leading bookstores in South Africa. If I Retreat, Shoot Me is already also available on Amazon.com, and the other books should be up on Amazon and Barnes & Noble by early May 2021 at the latest.